l am Lara Bordalo, a Brazilian Portuguese illustrator currently based in Portugal.
I'm passionate about creating unique combinations of textures and forms to bring authenticity to my work, evoking a range of sensations and emotions.
I create my artwork to generate super fresh shapes by combining paper cut, painting and digital techniques, which gives me a unique touch and warm handmade feeling. 
I like to explore: blending techniques, unusual art supplies, textures, linework, warm color palettes and playful shapes.​​​​​​​
My inspiration springs from childhood memories and the rich diversity of my homeland. 
At a young age of nine I was one of the thirty participants who had been awarded with a publication on a book collection. My work was a text with an illustration. In my fifth grade my school was awarded with about thirty books which comprised our library after I was a finalist in a Portuguese Language Olympics. 
With backgrounds in music and design, I have explored various projects over the years. My experience as an award-winning music co-producer and contributions to events like Rock in Rio, along with involvement in impactful social projects such as "Red Bull Favela Beats", have significantly enriched my professional journey in the cultural and artistic spheres.
These experiences have profoundly influenced my approach to work and how I perceive imagery.
For the past two years, my focus has been primarily on illustration, with a specialization in illustration books for children. I have been working as an illustrator, using different styles such as book covers for teenages and young adults and education books for children. Now l am only focused on illustration projects.
In music my goal was to balance track with harmony. Now, as an illustrator, I have come to realize that my role has always been to tell stories. In different ways, using different art, but always a story.
If you would like to work with me, have questions or just say hello, I will be happy to talk with you.
You also can find updates and news on my Instagram @larabordalo.
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